Swearing In Ceremony Tonight for Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor, Councilmembers Raj Chahal and Karen Hardy

By Robert Haugh

Tonight, Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor, Councilmembers Raj Chahal and Karen Hardy will be sworn in.

Each incumbent won reelection in November. 

Tonight’s ceremony will be in the Santa Clara City Council Chambers starting at 7 pm.

Gillmor, Chahal and Hardy will be sworn in and then give brief remarks.

Viewers can attend in person or watch on the City’s website or the City’s YouTube channel.


  1. Man, this sounds like a really Bad Joke.
    Where else am I encouraged to Legally Swear at two of the members of the “49er Five” Voting Bloc in public?
    Two bad our Mayor is forced to have to stand in the general area. I wonder if Bicker, Park or Jain or are going to be attending, or if Jed Baby wants to grab a quick meeting to strategize maybe just a little more.
    My only question is how much would it be worth to legally be encouraged to publicly “Swear In” two of the five 49er shills.
    In our City we have a few folks who have some serious money… I really wonder what that would be worth?
    Mayor Gillmor….
    I honestly can’t imagine what your household has been like for the last few months. Whatever you need from my family, you call… we haul.
    Thankfully it appears many others are also catching on as well.
    Santa Clara is my Hometown. It’s worth fighting for. Win or lose, my regret will always be sitting around doing nothing.
    Quick update….We are not done. We all needed to take a short break and catch our breath.

    Burt Field

    • I hear you, Burt.
      Hope the Grand Jury
      isn’t done either. Or
      the FPPC. Or the DA.
      The hands of the
      49er 5 and their Momma
      Patty and Daddy Jed and
      many others are NOT
      CLEAN. Karma is real.
      It’s time to clean up and
      haul away the trash.

  2. It is a sad state of affairs that Chahal and Hardy were only re-elected thanks to the nasty campaigns put on by their sugar daddy.

    The best news out of this election season was the mandate established by Gillmor’s win indicating that money can’t buy you everything, Jed.

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