New Santa Clara City Attorney Offered $345,000 Salary, a $114,000 Pay Increase from His Current Job

By Robert Haugh

Glen Googins has been selected to be Santa Clara’s City Attorney, replacing Brian Doyle who was fired without cause by the 49er Five in the summer of 2021.

The City Council interviewed City Attorney candidates in closed sessions. They will have to vote on Googins’ appointment tonight in public session to make it official.

Googins became Chula Vista’s first-ever elected City Attorney in 2010. He ended his third term in December. 

Googins will be paid a $345,000 annual salary in Santa Clara. That’s a considerable raise for him. Googins earned $231,000 in salary in Chula Vista.

Googins will also receive pension contributions and benefits that will easily cause his overall salary and benefits to exceed $400,000 annually from Santa Clara.

Googins will also receive a one-time relocation assistance payment of $15,000. He will have to live “within reasonable commuting distance” from Santa Clara.

Doyle was a Santa Clara resident and did not receive relocation assistance or a housing allowance.

After Doyle was fired, the City hired Lozano Smith, an outside law firm. According to local government sources, finding a replacement was difficult because of the reputation of the Santa Clara City Council.

Lozano Smith charged the City approximately $1.2 million in legal fees for only nine months worth of work. Wow.

Their effort included negotiating a legal settlement with the 49ers that was called “funny money” and worth a fraction of what the team said it was.

Lozano Smith’s Steve Ngo was also accused of neglecting his legal duty as acting City Attorney and potentially covering up city council violations.

Doyle has also filed an intent to sue for wrongful termination. 

If Doyle is successful, that could add a lot more cost to the 49er Five’s decision to fire him in 2021.

Glen Googins. Image courtesy of City of Chula Vista.


  1. It seems like a lot of money to work for a city the size and complexity of our small city.
    Can you list the things he would be responsible for in order to represent Santa Clara?

  2. On Transparent California Brian Doyle’s total pay and benefits were as follows…

    2021: $346,691
    2020: $405,539
    2019: $392,808
    2018: $377,072

    Doyle was fired Sept 2021 which is why his 2021 earnings are lower than 2020. Given the average annual increase he was receiving, if Doyle were still the City of Santa Clara’s attorney he’d likely receive somewhere near $440,000 in total pay & benefits this year.

  3. Mr Googins has a project.

    Suds Jain

    65 secret meetings with 49ers.

    Attacks people using MediCal

    Discloses closed session details to outside lawyers.

    Alleges 6 million dollars has been spent on cpras.

    Claims Lisa Gillmor evicts people she disagrees with.

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