City Council Preview: New City Attorney; Multiple Lawsuits; Levi’s Stadium Signage; and More

By Robert Haugh

There is a special Santa Clara City Council meeting tomorrow. The biggest topic is a closed session item regarding the City Manager position and a consent calendar item hiring a new City Attorney. 

According to the consent calendar, Glen R. Googins is the next City Attorney. If selected, he’ll replace Brian Doyle who was fired by the 49er Five in the summer of 2021. His expected salary exceeds what Doyle was paid.

There’s also discussion on Levi’s Stadium signage, a petition by Wilcox High to hold tournaments at the historic Washington Park and an update on status of the Santa Clara PAL BMX track. It’s a loaded agenda. Expect many items to be deferred to future meetings. 

Here’s the agenda items:

  • Public Employment Appointment: City Manager
  • Consent calendar — Action on Appointment of City Attorney and Approval of the Employment Agreement between City of Santa Clara and Glen R. Googins
  • Action on Resolution for an Exception to the 180 Day Waiting Period To Appoint Retired Annuitants To Serve as Temporary Extra Help (Government Code Sections 7522.56 and 21224). This is likely regarding interim City Manager Rajeev Batra, who’s existing contract is set to expire this month. 
  • Public Hearing: Update on the Levi’s Stadium Naming Rights Signage Assessment and Request for Direction from the Stadium Authority Board
  • Public hearing: Action on a Written Petition Submitted by Paul Rosa Requesting to Place an Agenda Item on a Future Council Meeting for Council to Consider the request by Wilcox High School for a One Time Waiver for Tournaments at Washington Park in 2023. 
  • Study Session to Report on the Work of the City of Santa Clara Homelessness Taskforce and to Gather Feedback on a Draft Framework of the City’s Homelessness Response Plan
  • Recognition of the Santa Clara Lions 11U Team for Winning the Pacific Northwest Championship Division 1 Title
  • Introduction of the New Chief Executive Officer of Silicon Valley/Santa Clara DMO, Inc. dba Discover Santa Clara®
  • Public hearing: Status Report on the BMX lease agreement between the City of Santa Clara and the Police Activities League
  • Public hearing: Update on Collaboration with the City of San José, Santa Clara Valley Water District (Valley Water) and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) on Recycled and Purified Water; Action on Letter of Intent with Valley Water and the City of San Jose for Collaborating on Expanding the Use of Purified Water
  • Public hearing: Informational Report on a Written Petition Submitted by Anurag Aggrawal and Ajay Thadhlani and Other Residents of North Santa Clara Near Levi’s Stadium which Requested a Debrief of the Noise Levels Associated with the Coldplay Concert Held on Sunday, May 19, 2022.
  • Conference with Legal Counsel-Anticipated Litigation Exposure to litigation Number of potential cases: 1 Facts and Circumstances – Not disclosed on agenda
  • Conference with Legal Counsel-Existing Litigation: County Sanitation District 2-3, et al. v. City of Santa Clara, et al., Santa Clara County Superior Court Case No. 18CV325480
  • Conference with Legal Counsel-Anticipated Litigation — Initiation to litigation Number of potential cases: 1
  • Conference with Legal Counsel-Existing Litigation — County of Santa Clara, et al., v. City of San Jose, et al. Santa Clara County Superior Court Master Case Number (consolidated) 105CV046005


  1. A detailed preview of the agenda for Santa Clara’s City Council, covering vital issues like legal matters and stadium signage, delivering helpful information to the local community. “City Council Preview: New City Attorney, Multiple Lawsuits, Levi’s Stadium Signage, and More”

  2. The latest from Suds Jain.

    7 emails in March 2021 all about Brian Doyle to Amy Oppenheimer, why??

    Jain shares details of council meetings and comments he has made to Doyle.

    Texts from Kevin Park regarding Kathy Watanabe attempt to portray her as a mean spirited bigot.

    Texts from Becker ask for clarification about “who is Jennifer Sparacino??”


  3. Wonder if new city attorney will discuss email March 30, 2021

    Suds Jain to Amy Oppenheimer

    “In closed session, Brian Doyle. Asserted NEX….”

    In closed session???

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