BREAKING: Santa Clara Unified School District Names Permanent Superintendent

By Robert Haugh

Last night, the Santa Clara Unified School District Board of Trustees appointed Dr. Gary Waddell as the new permanent superintendent of the District.

Waddell has been the acting superintendent since last summer after Dr. Stella Kemp resigned.

Kemp was recently hired to manage business operations for the San Ramon Valley Unified School District.

“It is my great honor to lead this exemplary district as we lock arms to provide a world-class education marked by innovation and opportunity for all children and youth,” said Waddell.

Waddell previously served as Deputy Superintendent of the San Mateo County Office of Education. He also served as Associate Superintendent of the Santa Clara County Office of Education.


  1. The revolving door of incompetent sycophant superintendents in the Santa Clara Unified Organized Crime Network continues! This corrupt school district needs a total overhaul beginning with their clown cart self over service and loyalty over competence governance!

    Maybe Wasdel could convince the evil cabal of administrative ladies led by Evil Knavel to finally give uo the failed Balanced Reading Approach that has failed so many students for the Science of Reading that I had advocated for!

    Nah! The grownups are at war with the children of Santa Clara.

    Run as fast as you can from this toxic quagmire!

  2. Hope the bloom doesn’t fall
    off the rose like it did with Dr.
    Kemp.Politics at SCUSD are
    almost as bad as City Hall.

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