City Council Preview: New $345,000 City Attorney Salary to be Adopted, Closed Session Discussion of City Manager Hiring

By Robert Haugh

Tomorrow’s Santa Clara City Council agenda is another lengthy one. 

This seems to be the new normal, with meetings running into late hours of the evening regularly. 

Here are agenda items:

  • Closed Session: Public employment appointment — City Manager
  • Proclaim February 2023 as Black History Month
  • Recognition of the Bill Wilson Center’s 50 years of service and recognition of Chief Executive Officer Sparky Harlan
  • Verbal Report from the Chief Emergency Services officer regarding COVID-19 pandemic
  • Verbal Report update from City Manager regarding the local drought emergency
  • Public Hearing: Action on amendment to the City of Santa Clara General Plan by adopting an updated Housing Element for the 2023-2031 Housing element cycle
  • Public hearing: Action on appeal of Planning Commission approval of a variance to maintain a 68 square-foot Accessory Building in the rear yard of a single-family residence at 2121 Sheraton Drive and action on a Class 1(e) CEQA categorical exemption
  • Action on a written petition to waive the fees for City services related to three baseball fundraising tournaments at Washington Park
  • Action to adopt a resolution approving and adopting the updated Unclassified Salary Plan for the position of City Attorney

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