Santa Clara Takes Action Against Graffiti, Wants Help of Residents

By Robert Haugh

Santa Clara is taking action to wipe out graffiti and clean up crime under the Graffiti Watch program. 

The Code Enforcement Committee, Department of Public Works – Street Division, and Police Department have joined forces to manage the effort.

The City is asking residents to play a role, too, in keeping their neighborhoods clean and attractive. 

If you witness someone conducting vandalism or graffiti in progress, you can contact Public Safety Dispatchers at 408-615-5580. 

If you are a victim of vandalism or graffiti from an unknown suspect, you can submit a police report online.

The Department of Public Works is also available to assist with graffiti removal. If you spot graffiti on public or private properties, you can contact the department at 408-615-3080 or fill out an online service request form

To report graffiti offenders, residents can also use the Anonymous Tip Line by calling 408-615-4847.

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