Santa Clara Best and Worst Awards: Anthony Becker, Carolyn Schuk, and Molly Tuttle

By Robert Haugh

The Good — The Leg Drop Award:

Santa Clara-born Molly Tuttle won a Grammy Award for Best Bluegrass Album. It’s hard to top that. She gets the Leg Drop Award.

The Bad – The Jabroni Award:

Councilman Anthony Becker says he was the author of draft letter he presented to the Council. He lied about it. Reporter Carolyn Schuk was the real author. That’s a major journalistic ethical violation and a big no-no. They share The Jabroni Award.


  1. folks should go back to watch last 7 minutes of Tuesday council mtg. if you want proof Kevin park is deranged ~ just WOW. what a sick sense of humor. what is worse council laughs at his sick sense of humor.

    park for jambromis award!

  2. Best solution is get rid of the Weakly Rag and all its cronies including NinerWiners. Santa Clara would breathe a sigh of relief.

  3. Hilarious.
    Shucky is ghost writer for Becker.
    Let’s just call Becker the new George Santos
    Of Santa Clara.
    No one will believe a damn thing he says
    Out of the mouths of idiots comes

    • Out of Suds emails

      An email to Ann Oppenheimer revealing comments made by Doyle.

      Violation of closed session

      Email October 12

      Supporting Da investigation

  4. Mr. Haugh… please, please, please… I have a tie breaker.
    Did either of these two fine outstanding members of our local community think it would be a good idea to file a Police Report claiming that a (False) “Death Threat” was made against them.

    Well one of these two people did file a report to our fine Police Dept.
    Thankfully we have really intelligent people running our City, and none of our Cities previous resources were wasted past the time of taking that call on this day…

    By the way, the “Print Media” who ran the story didn’t do themselves any favor either. The reporter needed to at least take a moment to “Pump the brakes” on this claim. Maybe ask a few questions?
    What am I talking about here…. I’m talking about some level of intelligence needed to be displayed at some point, at some level by someone.
    This was not someone claiming that their feeling were hurt. This was someone claiming that a viable “Death Threat” was made against them.
    This is not a funny situation at all.

    So now the humor.
    A screaming idiot is only a problem if you are close by. Typically the best thing to do is just walk away. However made more difficult when that same idiot is given a Megaphone to yell into.
    Thank you Media.
    We all have seen poor examples of that happening all around us, almost a daily occurrence now.

    So Mr. Haugh,
    Does this help to break the tie?
    Just wanted to make sure all “Less than intelligent” actions were on the table since you were handing awards for being “Less than intelligent”.
    What was I thinking…. my table just broke.. I guess I need a much bigger / stronger table.
    Welcome to Santa Clara 2023

    Burt Field

  5. Question:
    How to authenticate Anthony Becker’s Writing?

    When verbs, adverbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, misspelled words, run-on sentences are fighting with each other and lies are written as truths, Anthony Becker wrote it.

    • Sounds like every time he opens his mouth.
      He must distaste whatever he says into his phone and print out.

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