Photo Caption Contest

By Robert Haugh

A lot of readers liked this photo from yesterday’s story: Santa Clara Mayor Kevin Park and Councilmember Anthony Becker Accused of Abusive Behavior.

Some people even suggested some possible captions.

So today is Santa Clara News Online’s first ever photo caption contest.

Please put your ideas in the comments or email them.  Winners will be announced next week.

Comments that are inappropriate or abusive won’t be accepted.  Yup. It’s ironic.


  1. Park ~ where is the data used to create such a phenomenal book? I must have it!
    Becker ~ Hardy har har! Kevin’s into the weeds again. Maybe he’ll share?

  2. News flash

    ANTHONY “LAUGHING BOY” BECKER filed a feb 17 corrected 460, but did file a new termination correction

    He claimed a 1950 non monetary contribution but on his last report, not on the previous reports

    Fine , please city clek.

  3. Becker
    I can’t believe Jed spent $5m on me and I lost.

    It’s going to cost $10m to get me reelected after this stupid stunt.

  4. Park: The 70s are calling and want my outdated disco shirt back.

    Becker: Dang, there goes my chance to borrow it!


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