And the Winner is …

By Robert Haugh

The winner of our first photo caption contest in a landslide, collecting over 50 percent of the vote:


  1. Mr. Vartan, may I apologize to you for being treated with such disrespect. So crazy on so many levels, and yet they giggle and believe that somehow this is funny, this is OK.
    How did our glorious, historic City, get reduced to this?
    How did we fall so fast? How did we get such unqualified people elected into leadership roles of our City?
    Why do I have to apologize for actions of a “So Called City Leader”.
    Santa Clara County DA Jeff Rosen, can we talk? Civil Grand Jury can you reconvene?
    Our Elected Police Chief has reached out to your office, is there anything as residents we can do to put a stop to this type of behavior?

    Once again, Mr. Vartan, please except my apology to you, at no time is it OK to treat a citizen in such an egregious, embarrassing manner.
    Shame on you…shame on you.

    Burt Field

    • our city fell so fast to a bunch of good ol boys and girls with big chips on their shoulders.
      and hate and jealousy in their hearts,

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