City Council Preview: Santa Clara Finally Begins Review of FIFA World Cup Information

By Robert Haugh

Tomorrow’s Santa Clara City Council meeting has a brief agenda.

Hopefully, the meeting will end before midnight, but that would be unusual. It’s like some Councilmembers think they get paid by the word. (Cough, Kevin Park).

Agenda items:

  • Proclaim May 2023 as Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month
  • Recognition of the Recipients of the Silicon Valley Power Sustainable Future Scholarship Program at Santa Clara University
  • Proclamation of National Public Works Week 2023
  • Consent calendar — Action on a Special Permit for a Private Concert Event at Stevens Stadium on the Santa Clara University Campus
  • Informational Report on Stadium Authority and Stadium Manager Meetings for the Period of January 1 to March 31, 2023
  • Public Hearing: Approve the Annual Military Equipment Report, and Adopt a Resolution Making Required Findings and Renewing Santa Clara City Code Section 2.80.080, Allowing for the Continued Use of the Military Equipment Funding, Acquisition and Use Policy Pursuant to Assembly Bill 481
  • Public Hearing: Adoption of a Resolution Setting Rates for Overall Solid Waste Services and Annual Clean-up Campaign in the Exclusive Franchise Area
  • Public Hearing: Action on a Resolution Amending Rate Schedules for Electric Services for All Classes of Customers, Effective July 1, 2023
  • Report on Status of Obtaining FIFA World Cup 2026 Documents at Levi’s Stadium and Potential Action on Terms for an Information Sharing Agreement and Guiding Principles for FIFA World Cup 2026 Events
  • Action on a written petition submitted by Mary Grizzle requesting to place an agenda item on a future Council Meeting for Council to discuss Santa Clara Civic Center Relocation Study flaw: Change two of the Study’s focus cities

One comment

  1. News flash

    Writen petition on Becker mailed this werk

    1) violation of Public calendar ordinance
    2,) use of signal app to circumvent cpra reg on written documents
    3) attempt to accuse LG of leaking grand jury report
    4) fppc complaint on 49ers regarding use of opposition research group to harras civil grand jury members
    5) encouraging miles barber to attack rosen, a jew whose father was holocaust survivor.

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