Did Santa Clara City Councilmember Suds Jain Cover Up Anthony Becker’s Alleged Crime?

By Robert Haugh

The Grand Jury released transcripts last week about the indictment against Santa Clara Councilmember Anthony Becker.

The big reveal was that former 49ers exec Rahul Chandhok is a key witness against Becker.

The transcripts also show that Santa Clara Councilmember Suds Jain’s testimony was also key evidence to build the charge against Becker.

According to media reports, Jain said he spoke to Becker two weeks before his Grand Jury testimony in March.

Under oath, Jain testified that Becker leaked the confidential Grand Jury report to Carolyn Schuk of the Silicon Valley Voice.

“To be honest, I wish he hadn’t told me,” Jain said of Becker. “But he did, and so I have to report it today.”


Jain admitted to knowing about the leak for weeks but never reported it. Jain also suggests that he’s only reporting it because he’s under oath in front of the Grand Jury.

Jain has a history of publicly lying in Santa Clara when he’s not under oath.

During his campaign for City Council in 2020, Jain claimed he could vote on downtown issues even though his wife, Lori Jain, worked at Santa Clara University.

Jain knew that was false because he was barred from voting on downtown issues because of Lori’s employment when he was on the Planning Commission.

Here’s a summary of Jain’s history of false statements about his financial conflicts.

Jain is also the Chair of the Council’s Government and Ethics Committee.   (Yup, no kidding).

They’re the group that buried and ignored the Civil Grand Jury report that blew the whistle on the 49er Five’s close relationship with the team.

This is a developing story.


  1. Suds Jain has self incriminated himself by testifying that he new about the leak by Becker. In not IMMEDIATELY reporting this to the city attorney or the council in general he has become a co conspirator. As such he has violated his oath to the city and his constituency. He needs to be removed from his position as soon as possible. When speaking, without a supena , he can only be described as a serial liar.

  2. Suds and Santa Clara (George) Santos, NEED to go… clear violation of ethics… while we’re at it let’s get rid of Park, Chagall, and Hardy too.

    • Suds Jain and Anthony Becker

      1. Unethical
      2. Liars
      3. Untrustworthy
      4. Embarrasments
      5. Corrupt

  3. And are these 5 clowns going to kick a member of public off a commission tonight? Isn’t tonight the big reveal for Burt Field?

    If these clowns remove Burt, they will show what even bigger idiots they are only serving their own personal interests.

  4. Jain should be taken off City council. He said he only told about Becker cause it was to Grand Jury. What a joke. The City doesn’t need people like Jain on our Council.

  5. Maybe he didn’t commit the crime but he drove the getaway car. Suds should be easily defeated the next election.

  6. Once corrupted always corrupted.
    No conscience
    No morals.
    No accountability.
    No policing.

    Goodbye Suds and Becker.
    May the other 3 be right
    Behind you.

  7. Please also note that Jain was censured for illegal voting on development projects while he was a planning commissioner.

    Jain has a track record of violating the Public Tust

    At the Santa Clara City Council meeting on November 16, Santa Clara Councilman Suds Jain was found to have another conflict of interest that’s a problem for his district.

    This time it involves the Union Pacific Railroad. He had to suddenly drop out of a study session on a Quiet Zone policy. That’s something that could improve the quality of life in many Santa Clara neighborhoods. And in Jain’s District Five, train noise is an impact.

    Jain did not disclose the conflict himself. Elected officials should do that before an agenda item begins.

    • For someone who “thinks” he is so smart Suds can really disappoint. Then look who he has coaching him. Just stop listening to Jed!

  8. Jain had a duty to report as an elected and as a teacher! Doesn’t he teach robotics at wilcox HS? Hope school administrators is looking into this.

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