BREAKING: Former 49ers Exec Rahul Chandhok Testifies that Anthony Becker Gave Him Leaked Grand Jury Report, Can’t Remember if He Told Jed York

By Robert Haugh

More details are emerging from the Criminal Grand Jury transcripts that led to the indictment of Santa Clara City Councilmember Anthony Becker.

Lance Williams and Ron Kroichick of the San Francisco Chronicle report that former 49ers Exec and Lobbyist Rahul Chandhok is the key prosecution witness against Becker.

The story has a lot more detail, including information about local journalists that Santa Clara News Online will report on later.

It may be behind a paywall, so here are key excerpts:

Rahul Chandhok told a criminal grand jury on March 21 that Becker gave him a confidential copy of a watchdog agency’s report accusing the 49ers of having undue influence over government in Santa Clara, home of publicly owned Levi’s Stadium. Becker is charged with one felony count of perjury and one misdemeanor count of failing to perform his official duty.

Chandhok said Becker sent him the document via an encrypted communications app on Oct. 6, a month before a local election in which the 49ers spent $2 million in a failed effort to elect Becker mayor – and four days before the report was to become public.

Becker was called to testify before a grand jury in November. Under oath, he denied leaking the report and even claimed he had cut off all contact with Chandhok and the 49ers on June 27, at the start of his mayoral campaign.

By contrast, Chandhok described multiple contacts with Becker throughout the mayoral campaign; Chandhok said he broke off contact with Becker after the election.

In addition, he told team president Al Guido the 49ers “needed to prepare a media plan” to blunt the report’s impact. As for team CEO Jed York, Chandhok said, “I don’t have a memory of discussing it with Mr. York.”

This is a developing story. Stay tuned for more.

Former 49ers Exec and lobbyist Rahul Chandhok


  1. I’m wondering if this could be a turning point in the relationship between the city and the team. What has been: the 49er five overwhelmingly supporting the needs of the team, while subverting the needs of the city. What could be, the 49er’s bought and paid for candidates supporting the needs of the team, while putting the needs of the city first. Hmmm… Wouldn’t a situation like that be best for the team and the city? Constructive cooperation?

  2. A tad curious here – was the soft landing in Chicago with US Soccer the price Chandhok paid for the Jed York memory lapse?

    • Is it possible to start an investigation that would look into what the rest of the 49er five knew? When did Jain actually find out about this leaked report? I believe ethics violations will be found at the very least.

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