City Council Review: More Calls for Becker to Resign, Swim Center Complaints Heard by Council

By Robert Haugh

On Tuesday night, the clash between Police Chief Pat Nikolai and Councilmember Kevin Park was the main event.

But there were other things that happened too on the undercard of the Santa Clara City Council meeting.

Becker Resignation

Don Heinsen and Laney Brown called into the meeting and asked for indicted Councilmember Anthony Becker to resign. “You should resign immediately,” said Brown. “You’ve lost our trust.”

There’s been a steady drumbeat of people showing up or calling into Council meetings to ask Becker to resign since he was charged in April with leaking and lying about a Grand Jury report.

Becker does not respond to the public comments. That’s something that’s rare for him.

During the meeting, Becker had his light on and Mayor Lisa Gillmor called upon Becker to speak. “Sorry, I have no comment,” Becker said. Wow. We’re not kidding.

Becker and Councilwoman Karen Hardy could be seen whispering and sharing notes with one another throughout the meeting.

Santa Clara Swim Center

Approximately a dozen community members, including Santa Clara Swim Club Head Coach Kevin Zacher spoke to the Council about repair problems at the George F. Haines Santa Clara International Swim Center.

The fabled facility has been out of service for several weeks,  which caused the popular Santa Clara International Swim Meet to relocate to San Jose. Apparently, repairs require customized parts that are hard to obtain. 

Gillmor said the Swim Center would be addressed during the Budget discussions. By consensus, the Council asked City staff to look into the issues and report back to Council.

Assistant City Manager Manuel Pineda served as the acting City Manager for the meeting. City Manager Jovan Grogan was on vacation.

Anthony Becker


  1. Why is Burt Field right?

    I can list right here the number of times I have disagreed with Mr. Field, Mr. Vartan, Mr Myers, Council member Watanabe, Mayor Gillmor, and Chief Nikolai.

    There are a lot.

    But why this time I am 100 percent behind them


    They care!!

    There are jundreds of thousands of people in Santa Clara Valley who work every day
    Pay rheir bills. Raise kids, park their cars, mow their lawns.

    I am a political animal, which means I am a thief and a liar, and when I am not kissing babies, I am stealing their lollipops.

    But Field, Vartan, Nikolai, GIllmor, Watanabe, Myers are not. They are just volunteers.


    I do wonderful things for which people hate me, and rotten things for which people love me. I am admired for my detestibility.

    The Gillmors and Fields, Vartans and Watanabes, Myers’ and Nikolais are people who care about those working people.

    That is why they got support.

    • Agree 2x. (two times).

      1. your opinion
      2. a fan of Tom Clancy

      Enjoy Independence Day to All!

  2. Becker, the hapless meercat took many breaks to tote
    Threw Commissioners off who questioned him
    An acrid smell is in the chamber
    From the land of Hannah Lee

    Little Jackie Paper cheers Park aloud
    When Park defames cops
    And dreams of flying saucers

  3. Silly billy question

    If tte 49ers had donated 5 million to rennovate Swim Center, instead of
    Becker the loser, betcha they would be respected.

    • Mr. Dillon,
      What a great point. You would have thought that the collective “Genius” of the current 49er 4.1 Council Members would have thought this to be a good place to start.
      By the way, I no longer can refer to the 49er 5 as even a real name, given one of them is under Indictment for Perjury from our Grand Jury.

      In the business world, the saying, “Chaos create’s opportunity” is well know. Hopefully Mr. 0.1 Becker does not take that statement as a potential Death Threat…
      So while we are “chasing our tails” and fighting amongst each other, the 49ers are simply going to the bank. Life is good… money that should be going to our City is just diverted from one pocket to the other. Turns out, putting the “Fox in charge of watching the Hen House” has never been a good idea, at least for the Hens.
      So right now, all is good in for the 49er’s. They have our Money, they have control of our City. Chaos is everywhere, and they are allowed right now to do whatever they want to do.
      5-2 is over rated. 4-2 is just fine. 0.1 Becker is irrelevant.
      If you doubt what I am saying, look around.
      Our City has been in Chaos for years, and all the while the 49ers just keep marching forward, taking as much money as they can before anyone even understands what they have done or how much damage they have caused.

      So where do we start. The plan is simple, but not easy.

      1(a) Mr. 0.1 Becker step’s down Immediately.
      1(b) Do not allow the remaining 49er 4 to appoint anyone.
      2. Remind the four remaining 49er 4 who voted them in.
      3. Circle back to Measure J and study it. Follow it. It is law.
      4. Have a 49ers open up their book(s), to an independent 3rd Party Audit.
      5. Hold them accountable for the Millions they have siphoned away from our City.
      6. Look at Election Reform. Put Financial limits on Money spent during elections.

      Getting all 6 will be impossible right now, but honestly let’s start with #1.
      I’m encouraging everyone who shows up to the future City Council Meetings to wear their Orange clothing, feel free to wear it. Let’s give 0.1 Becker a vision of what life will look like in the near future.
      Remember, “Orange is the new Black”.
      If you can not make the meetings, please call in and voice your opinion.
      We are a small City and we can get it back. This will not be easy, but rarely anything good or important is.

      Burt Field
      Former Parks and Recreation Commissioner

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