Indicted Santa Clara Councilmember Anthony Becker Refuses to Resign, Councilmember Kevin Park Calls for District Attorney Jeff Rosen to Step Down

By Robert Haugh

Since Indicted Santa Clara City Councilmember Anthony Becker was charged with leaking (a misdemeanor) a Grand Jury Report and lying (a felony) about it, numerous Santa Clarans have asked him to resign at Council meetings.

Becker remained uncharacteristically silent during the calls for him to step down.

But at the very end of last Tuesday’s Council meeting, Becker couldn’t help himself. 

During the time that Councilmembers report about their community meetings, Becker felt he had to say something about his own situation.

“In the last few meetings we’ve had, there’s been numerous comments of – demanding my resignation from the city council,” said Becker.

“The one thing I’m going to say – and I’m going to say very clearly is – in America there is a thing called due process and I have no plans of stepping down.”

You can watch his brief statement here.

Anthony Becker

Many local Mission City residents, including those who know Becker, think he is staying on the Council because he needs the money and he wants to help the 49ers with upcoming votes.

Early in the Council meeting, Councilmember Kevin Park indirectly supported Becker.

Park was arguing against establishing an Ethics Commission when he said:  

“I think that the minute, the minute that anyone, including the District Attorney, suggests that we should consider somebody guilty before there’s a trial date – that very minute, that very second, we need a new District Attorney.”

Park did not say what he thinks District Attorney Jeff Rosen did wrong by charging Becker.

You can watch Park’s brief statement here.

Park and the 49er Five rejected the creation of an Ethics Commission by a 5-2 vote. 

More on that story coming soon.

Kevin Park


  1. Anthony Becker. Stop pretending to look like Chuck Todd. He wants his goatee back. Please. Stop trying to look like him.

    • The World is a funny place. In a former Soviet Republic, a former tv star has become the greatest and bravest leader since Churchill regaining the historical greatness the Ukraine once had. Here, in the heart of California, three stumble bums interested in their silly talk violate the Mission City soul. Becker would not only sell the soul of any saint, he send it c.o.d


    Before I forget, Sign this petition calling for the resignation of Suds Jain, the mastermind of the 49er 5. Jain is the most useless member of the City Council.

    Santa Clara’s DR NO. Jain organized the secret meetings. He cares nothing for the people. A true gaslighter.

  3. Suds,
    You complain about the time the staff has spent on freedom of information requests on you and the rest of the 5. You are a gaslighter. You see, Matt Dillion, is one of just many individuals and organizations requesting public records on you and the rest. The painfully unethical public perception of you and the others handing the 49ers whatever they demand over public good, is the reason there have been many FOIA requests, and not any one individual making the requests.

    Suds, you would like the public to believe one contrarian person is doing all he requesting, as was the only point of your posting here today. In fact, many are very curious. If there is nothing to hide, what is the big deal, or is there a there, there, after all? Most believe it is the latter. Two grand juries and the District Attorney’s office also strongly believe there is a there, there.

    When Becker bloviated at the last meeting and brought up (and butchered) the quote
    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”, he tried to imply that those so vocal on more ethical guidelines for this council were really the ones with ethical problems, and not him or The 5. By this logic Suds, you coming on here and loudly complaining about one poster, and his or her freedom of speech, you fit Becker’s analogy of one complaining too much, while hiding their own tracks. The entire 5 fits this description. Watch the video Robert included of Park if you want to hear Becker admonishing the rest of us.

    Suds, you should talk with Kevin and suggest he turn down the flame of his rhetoric against the District Attorney’s office and suggesting Jeff Rosen should be removed for doing his job and bringing criminal charges. He would not have done so unless there was overwhelming evidence. The DA’s office has a large team of cream of the crop criminal investigators who could very well be sitting on a whole lot of info that can’t be shared with the public until Becker’s trial.

    Suds, is not Becker the tail wagging the dog with The 5?? He has lots of motivation for throwing others under the bus to the DA, in exchange for a lesser sentence. Otherwise, why would you and the others circle your wagons to protect a criminally indicted council person???

    Suds, pretend a Santa Clara Police Officer was indicted for perjury to a grand jury and illegally leaking public documents. You know what the immediate consequence – before any trial – would be. That officer would be put on administrative leave and put on the sidelines, as would be absolutely proper. Are you and the other 49er 5 such hypocrites that Becker, who holds a sacred elected position of public trust, should not be put on administrative leave until Becker’s legal troubles are concluded??? Come on, is an elected council member held to some LOWER standard than a police officer??? Obviously, the answer is no, but by your actions of keeping Becker on active duty, so to speak, defy this. In actuality, If this were the police department, and Becker was this indicted officer, he would be on admin leave and case would be prioritized at the highest level and sent to Internal Affairs. Suds, you and the others are the Internal Affairs of the city council, and have taken zero action against Becker. If the shoe was on the other foot, and a Santa Clara Police officer was indicted for felony perjury regarding public trust and official duty, and was still on full duty (think Becker), and Internal Affairs (you and the 5) turned a complete blind eye and refused to take action, you know darn well that there would possibly be rightful outrage for inaction and allowing a possibly compromised officer remain on duty. That is exactly what you all are doing by protecting Becker, and putting the citizens last, even behind the 49ers.

  4. Note that Dr. Tom Shanks called in and said that he didn’t recommend establishing an ethics commission at this time. How convenient that Robert Haugh chose to leave that out of this posting.

    Amazing that James Rowen — (AKA Matt Dillion, John Galt, Stan Garcia, Diane Torres, Samson Agonistes, Stalker Suds, Bill Nighy, Smeagol Suds, Mrs Peel, Ben Matlock, Perry Mason, Trump Suds, Margaret Gellhorn, and others ) is the only one who is commenting on this posting. He has filed over 160 Public Record Act requests as well as FPPC complaints against me and has yet to uncover any wrong-doing chewing up tens of thousands of dollars in staff time. I should note that he also owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in a previous defamation case that forced him to take down his crazy Mission Lantern website.

    • Suds – interesting your tracking all of James Rowen comments? Or is there a larger firm tracking this for you?? BTW – Rowen has been a pain for years but really he is just a challenging contrarian and harmless. Stop being so thin skinned and please focus on getting SC ethics back on normal.

    • Mr Jain
      General principle of law, especially for public officials, if a person admits to you that they committed a felony, and you do not report it, you are consideref just as guilty.

      Same for street hoods

    • Suds, et al., go back to the tape. Watch where Tom Shanks calls in after the morally corrupt 49er 5 speak about why they don’t support an independent ethics commission.

      Go to 5:14:00 on the Council Meeting’s YouTube link below and listen to Tom talk about how “this council is not ready for an ethics commission” and he gives great reasons why they aren’t ready! He points out how councils have been bedazzled by the 49ers for the last couple of election cycles and aren’t interested in ethics anymore. Even when it was obvious that there were ethical issues being committed due to 49er influence and he offered to give guidance, people didn’t want to listen.

      Tom even gave you the name of another person to contact if the council wanted to talk to another ethical source instead of the Markkula Center. Once again, Suds Jain, you only hear what you want to hear and repeat only what you want people to know.

  5. It is time

    Santa Clarans demand your city back.

    In 2020, the court imposed district elections

    I thought the time had come.

    I was wrong.

    Look what came.

    Three stooges.

    Watanabe did not have my aupport.

    I was wrong.

    She will now.

    Back in 2011, Gillmor and Mahan tried to get the first charter change that the court would accepr. They were rebuffed by Kolstad, Caserta, Matthews, Marsalli.

    Then came a half decade of fighting court.

    I opposed it.

    Then it happened.

    A motley crew of lame magpies have infested a chamber once built for the city by the Sons of the Golden West.

    Santa Clarans you have to act.

    I have an idea, a way to win.

    It will be using some different rules.

    Will you answer the call??

    Answer the fight?

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