City Council Preview: Beyonce To Get a Key to the Mission City and Honorary Mayor Status

By Robert Haugh

Tomorrow is a special meeting for the Santa Clara City Council – one that was not originally scheduled.

Here are the topics:

  • Closed Session — Conference with Real Property Negotiators — Property: 5201 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, California 95054 (APN: 104-55-013, 104-55-016) Negotiating Parties: City of Santa Clara and Hudson Pacific Properties 
  • Closed Session — Conference with Labor Negotiators — Employee Organization(s): Units #5, 7 & 8-City of Santa Clara Employees Association Unit #9A-Unclassified Police Management Employees Unit #10-PSNSEA (Public Safety Non-Sworn Employees Association)
  • Proclamation of September 2023 as Community Preparedness Month
  • Proclaim August 24, 2023 as Ukrainian Independence Day
  • Proclaim Beyoncé Knowles-Carter as Honorary Mayor for Ceremonial Purposes Only on August 30, 2023 and Presentation of Key to the City of Santa Clara (Ceremonial Vote)
  • Consent Calendar — Action to Unfreeze an Assistant City Manager position (Position 1685) in the City Manager’s Office, Approve Related City and Stadium Authority Budget Amendments, and Modify the Assistant City Manager Classification Specification (Job Code 016)
  • Informational Report on Stadium Authority and Stadium Manager Meetings for the Period of April 1 to June 30, 2023
  • Consent calendar — Action on Stadium Manager’s Request to Award Purchase Order to LRG Technologies, Inc. DBA Mobile Pro Systems for Mobile Pro Falcon 3100 Trailers (Mobile Security Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Pop Up Trailers CapEx Project)
  • Public Hearing: Actions on a Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) and Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (MMRP), General Plan Amendment from Neighborhood Mixed-Use to Very High Density Residential, and a Rezone from Neighborhood Commercial to Planned Development to Allow the Development of a Four-Story Mixed-Use Development with 39 Residential Housing Units, and 1,500 Square Feet of Ground Floor Commercial Space for the Property Located at 2655 The Alameda
  • Public hearing: Action on Resolutions Approving an Installment Sale Financing and Authorizing the Execution, Delivery and Sale of Wastewater Revenue Certificates of Participation and related Agreements in a Principal Amount not to Exceed $38 million to Finance and Refinance Capital Costs of the San José-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility; and Approval of the Related Budget Amendment
  • Action on Appointment of a Primary Member and an Alternate Member to the Stevens Creek Corridor Steering Committee – Deferred from August 22, 2023
  • Direction to Staff on the Revised El Camino Real Specific Plan Land Use Plan
  • Action on Membership for the El Camino Real Specific Plan Community Advisory Committee


  1. Advice to Becker crew, demanding videos that do not exist, bad idea. Some officials have power to get writs.

  2. It is necessary for CPRA requests to be able to be filed by concerned citizens anonymously.

    And regardless of whether or not they are anonymous or not there are far too many CPRA requests being filed in Santa Clara and taking up far too much staff time and taxpayer money to satisfy.

    • Gee, the district attorney staff want to know the name of their accuser..

      67 secret meetings and 5 million dollars was the cause.

      Ps san jose spotlight just won a lawsuit on 3990 private emails of liccardo

    • I do not understand what you are trying to say or the point you are trying to make with this comment.

  3. This is my point. A cpra should require a name. If a person has guts, they file their name to be willing to answer in public, why.

    A harrasser leaves no name.

    • Granted. There are some sincere and honest residents of Santa Clara who read this blog.

      Santaclara783 wants videos of Lisa Gillmor and Terry Harman.


      Mr Harman is a deputy d.a.

      Do you think emails about stadium agreement between Suds Jain and Rahul is more relevant to santa clarans than videos of lisa gillmor and terry harman?

  4. Further details has no identity

    Further checks show it is an email shrouded into 2 firewalls. To date, it made 35 cpra requests. The law allows for anonymous requests. Now we know certain gadflies and council watchers make dozens of cpras. But they always file their name to them.

    This sc783 has asked for records of photographs of lisa and kathy. Tapes of meetings between nikolai, rosen and even mr haugh

    Financial filings of mayor.

    This resuestor has even set up two websites with different emails to shroud his requests.

    • Requests seem targeted to certain people. Dead giveaway this is harassment. Haters just gonna’ hate.

    • Put perry Mason on the case!
      Birthday month and year?
      Didn’t Anthony Becker announce
      he and his hubby were going to
      Mayor Swift’s concert to celebrate
      the hubby’s bday? Wasn’t that in
      July? Milestone birthday? 40?
      Talk to Becker’s favorite reporters the SVVoice and Spotlight!
      Case closed!

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