Santa Clara City Council Gets No Information on July 2 Levi’s Stadium Stabbing, 49ers Stadium Manager is a No Show

By Robert Haugh

At last night’s Santa Clara City Council meeting, no information was presented on the July 2 Levi’s Stadium stabbing during the soccer match between Mexico and Qatar even though the Mayor and Council requested it.

The assailant allegedly brought a large knife into the facility raising questions about the security. 

City staff had no information on the incident that appeared all over social media.

And the 49ers Stadium Manager Francine Hughes did not show up to answer any questions.

According to City Manager Jovan Grogan, Hughes was advised by lawyers not to comment publicly on the incident in case of future legal action.

Hughes has been the subject of stadium security controversy in the past.  

According to a lengthy San Francisco Chronicle story in May, “the San Francisco 49ers’ newly hired general manager for Levi’s Stadium, had a brief, turbulent career in the sports business in Los Angeles: She oversaw Dodger Stadium security during the worst episode of fan violence in franchise history.”

Police Chief Pat Nikolai did show up last night to share some general information about stadium security. He said that Levi’s Stadium is one of the safest NFL stadiums.

But the City Council wanted more answers on neighborhood safety, parking, and vandalism. So a future meeting will have to be held to discuss those issues.

Grogan also said that he’s looking for a company to evaluate stadium security procedures but will wait until after the football and concert seasons to do a study.

That means no information will be available until 2024.

Let’s nope no one gets stabbed again between now and then.


  1. The truth is… they are going to commit Hundreds of thousands of dollars, to try and convince the residents of Santa Clara that we need to do away with our ability to vote for who we want to run our Santa Clara Police Dept.
    Yeah… that’s what they are selling and I for one am not buying.
    In the World I live in, it makes no sense what so ever. Even if it cost nothing to do, why in the World would we ever want to give up that “Right”??????

    This has been attempted at least twice before in our Cities History. The most votes it ever got was less than 30+-% .
    So now we are getting ready to pony up some huge City Money, Money we don’t have because the 49ers for 3 straight years have not given us one $0.1 in Performance Rent.

    Today, I saw this…
    Hang on folks it’s about to get even crazier.

    Delusional for sure.
    Burt Field

    Hope you can make it tonight, can’t miss our City doing some training on Ethics. I will have my note pad with me, don’t want to miss a thing.
    I mean so far I’m the only one removed from my Official Position, yet still have no idea what I did to earn that honor.

    Can’t make this stuff up, welcome to Yorkville.

  2. Here is email from Staff regarding my recusal on the Bellomy project:
    Hi Councilmember Jain,

    The property search for today’s Oct. 10 agenda shows a conflict of interest for the following item(s):

    • Item 7 – Public Hearing: Action on a Rezone to Planned Development and Architectural Review for a First- and Second-Story Addition to a Single-Family Residence at 1485 Bellomy Street

    If you have any questions, contact Glen Googins at (408) 615-2230 or
    Of course, had I not recused, Robert Haugh and his readers would have made a really big deal of that.

    • Why would a council member file a cpra on a current parks and rec commissioner?

      Why would two council members text each other about the mayor’s coffee cups?

      Why would two council members take photos of mayor’s real estate office?

      Why would a vice mayor use a children’s book to demean a volunteer?

      Why would a council member fail to report disclosure of a report?

      Civil Grand Jury wants to know

    • And you didn’t challenge? Did they measure as the crow flies? Haugh sure gets under your thin skin.

    • Chicken poop! I have looked at Google Maps and GIS from 1485 Bellomy to The Wilson House. It’s over 1500 feet! Show me how this is wrong! Defend yourself! Hope there’s a reconciliation of this discrepancy before redesign comes back for approval. Then again we can only hope Suds Jain will be gone by then! We need representation for the people. Not special interests or personal agendas.

  3. Hi Matt, that is good news that the antics of those on our council (except our mayor and councilmember Watanabe) who have usurped our Constitution and democracy by their belittling attacks on many public speakers coming before them to speak, has now been forwarded to the Grand Jury. I hope the Grand Jury and DA Rosen understand this council is laughing at caring citizens while they dance on the sanctity of the very system that got them elected. If our council has the mentality to treat citizens this way, what makes anybody think they care about the citizens in their meetings with the 49ers? They are ostensibly on their best behavior while being video recorded at council meetings. Imagine when the video camera is not on.



      Suds Jain demands inquiry of Dana Caldwell.

      A civil grand jury was just filed
      Jain Becker Park


      needless fppc complaints, Gillmor has Never filed one.
      Demeaning attacks on Vartan from acting chair Park
      Dissmissing Field
      Demeaning accusations against Nilolai family by Park
      Today, text messages between becker and jain
      Torrent of Disumity

  4. Classic Robert Haugh, making his readers dumber with every biased post.

    Even though Chief Pat Nikolai said that Levi’s is one of the NFL’s safest stadiums (top 5% safest), Haugh’s last statement seems to be intended to scare people away from attending events. What is the point of the following statement after Nikolai laid out many facts to reassure people? Haugh: “Let’s nope no one gets stabbed again between now and then.”

    Haugh fails to mention that Chief Nikolai said that “Stadium personnel, including Manco, the Fire Department, and Police Department have saved 8 lives since 2014”. “The cardiac survival rate in a hospital is 25% and the cardiac arrest survival rate at Levi’s Stadium is 67%. ” Wow ! Now that’s something Haugh should be “reporting” on.

    Haugh’s benefactor,Lisa Gillmor, asked about trash and parking impacts in the neighborhoods. Haugh fails to mention that Gillmor and Kathy Watanabe voted against my 030 request on Dec 7, 2021 concerning the establishment of a Stadium Relations Committee (similar to NURC) that would tasked with looking into those exact issues. Double Wow!

    Finally, Haugh made a big deal recently about my having recuses on a property near my house but he fails to mention that Mayor Gillmor had to recuse and leave the dais on agenda item #7 for rezoning a property near one of her properties at this very meeting. Triple Wow !

    • Sudsy, you recused yourself from a property issue recently. Said it was within 1k feet of your property. How was it measured? Its over 1500 feet from your house! 3/10s of a mile! Did you pull a Rajy to avoid voting on a controversial issue?

  5. The screening process at Levi’s Stadium is awful. Anyone can sneak anything in there. They need to spend the money and upgrade to the scanners that Oracle Field uses in SF. they probably don’t want to spend the money. The Security is useless when using the hand scanners.

    • September 14

      Cpra 23-988

      Demands all activities of Dana Caldwell involving Grand Jury investigations of Becker, all political memos to Stand Up Ssnts Clara, all directions to Caldwell from Lisa Gillmor.


  6. So just to be clear,
    The Elected Police Chief shows up. He then takes his time to give his Professional opinion, and assessment of this very serious incident that happened at Our Stadium.
    Well done.

    The person in charge of the Security and Safety of the Stadium was a No Show.
    Not a good look for sure.

    Yet Twiddle Dee, and Twiddle Dum thought it was in was in our Cities best interest to insult our Elected Chief of Police.
    Not a smart thing to do…at the very minimum.

    Hopefully this will be covered in our Ethics Class tomorrow night which I hope you all will join me.

    Register to Vote..
    Then whatever the 49ers are telling you to do, or not do….just do the opposite.
    I know it can be confusing.
    What the residents are up against is a Multi faceted, multi Million Dollar, media attack, all with just one goal.
    Confuse the residents…
    Remember the 49er Stadium Playbook.
    Page 1.
    “Chaos creates opportunity”.
    Page 2
    “Refer to page one”.

    How an I prove this?
    Look no further than our current slate of Council Members. Please note, I have never refer to any of the “49er 5” as anyone who represent me.
    Santa Clara Mayor Gillmor and Santa Clara Dist 1 City Council Member, Kathy Watanabe are the only two I currently will support.
    Before the 49ers got involved, none of the other 5 had never even won anything.
    Losers every single time until the 49ers came knocking.
    By the way, it was a fantastic (Return on Investment) ROI for the 49ers.
    Conversely, not so good for our City.
    Just 30 more years of this.
    Get the book, read it, “Field of Schemes” by Cagan and deMause. Written in 1998.
    Our City is not alone in all of this.

    Register to vote.

    Burt Field

  7. Items

    Chief Nikolai was fair to stadium. a decade long opponent of Nikolai, i admit that he has blossomed in the role. He seems to know the job. I can admit when I am proven wrong

    After a review of some public record act filings, bombshell!!

    Becker, Jain and Park are out to get Stand Up Santa Clara.

    They allege Dana Caldwell is an organizer.


    I have clashed with Stand Up. They are a little group. Just a little group. I regard it as the cost of politics. But after reading all of the crap against Field and his former colleagues, I am pissed. News flash. 49ers won big in 2018, 2020. This is harrassment. Civil Grand Jury request filed. In a field where 5 million has been spent, a group who spent about 4,000 is getting picked. Pushing back. I hate bullies.

  8. Suds Jain and Anthony Becker wrong again!! Chief Nikolai gave a good assesment of stadium. I thought they accused Nikolai of playing politics.

    • They are working hard to get rid of him in their next breath. Two-faced hypocrites!

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