Levi’s Stadium Attempted Murder Suspect Quickly Apprehended; Allegedly Brought Large Knife to Levi’s Stadium

By Robert Haugh

There was a horrific stabbing at Levi’s Stadium on Sunday, July 3. The assailant allegedly brought a large knife into the facility raising questions about the security.

Detectives from the Sacramento Police Department’s East and Central Command Violent Crime Reduction Team and the Santa Clara Police Department (SCPD) arrested 29-year-old suspect Alejandro Garcia-Villanueva at his Sacramento residence on Monday.

According to a press release, “advanced video technology … vital community input and swift action by SCPD allowed detectives to positively identify both the suspect and a person of interest within 24 hours of the incident.”

A number of disturbing videos surfaced throughout social media following the bloody attack that happened near the conclusion of a CONCACAF soccer match between Mexico and Qatar.

SCPD detectives authored an arrest warrant for Garcia-Villanueva for attempted murder. A Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge authorized an arrest and a search warrant. Detectives determined that a second person of interest did not commit a criminal offense and released her at the scene.

Garcia-Villanueva surrendered to Sacramento Police Detectives and was placed under arrest without incident. SCPD detectives served the search warrant of the suspect’s residence and discovered evidence.

SCPD detectives took custody of Garcia-Villanueva and booked him into the Santa Clara County Main Jail for further criminal proceedings.

SCPD would like to thank the Sacramento Police Department for dedicating countless hours and public safety personnel to assist with the  investigation. SCPD would also like to thank the community for providing timely information leading to the identification and swift arrest of suspect Garcia-Villanueva.

The investigation remains active. If you have additional information, please contact Detective Sergeant Doug Gerbrandt at (408) 615-4823. Those who wish to remain nameless can leave a message on the SCPD Anonymous Tip Line at (408) 615-4TIP (4847).

There’s been a lot of social media posts about this incident with some videos of the violence and about the responsibility of the local host committee and the safety concerns of future events. **Warning — graphic images may appear in the below posts***

This is a developing story.


  1. Glad you are covering the updates, Robert, cause the “local” papers sure ain’t. Don’t want to bring any more scrutiny to the bad management security. Might hurt their Jed-funding. Haven’t seen a peep in the SJ Flashlight either. 49er donors might turn on them!

  2. 100% the booze. Drinking before they arrive. Drinking in the parking lots around the stadium. Drinking in the stadium. Drinking after the event. Hey, I love booze but what do you expect if the sport, the media, and the stadium supports its consumption and the natural result of alcohol consumption is less logical and more emotional thinking? These amateur drinkers ruin it for all us professionals.

  3. This is exactly why I go to less and less public sporting events at big facilities. Sharks games and Levi’s stadium, in particular. . All the stupid safety precautions even just to get in, and they don’t even work. Naagh. I’ll just stay home and watch on my big screen TV. No metal detectors, no limit on the size of purse women can bring, no need to empty my own pockets, etc, watching in my own home. And the beer prices are much cheaper too. 😁

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