Indicted Councilmember Anthony Becker Asked for the Court for a Delay to Find a New Attorney, But Hasn’t Yet

By Robert Haugh

Almost 3 months ago on April 17, Indicted Councilmember Anthony Becker appeared in Santa Clara County Superior Court and told Judge Daniel Nishigaya that he needed more time to find an attorney to represent him.

He was represented by a Public Defender, Christopher Montoya on that day.

Becker was charged with leaking a Grand Jury report (a misdemeanor) and lying (a felony) about it. If found guilty of the felony charge, Becker could serve jail time.

Former 49ers executive Rahul Chandhok testified to the Criminal Grand Jury that Becker sent him a confidential copy of the Grand Jury report.

Becker returned to court on May 3 and entered a “not guilty” plea. He was represented by Montoya again.

On May 3, Becker also waived his right to a speedy trial. 

That move, plus Becker’s claim that he’s trying to find a private attorney during his April 17 court appearance raised eyebrows among some local legal experts. A few concluded that Becker is just trying to delay his trial and is taking advantage of the judge.

Becker’s next hearing is scheduled for Aug. 2. 

According to the Superior Court website, he’s still represented by the Public Defender’s office.

Since his indictment, Becker has continued to vote on City matters, including 49er-related issues. He’s also receiving his full Council salary.

Several Mission City residents and community leaders have called for Becker’s resignation. He and his 49ers Five Council colleagues have refused to agendize the item and take any action. 

Local business leader and worker-cooperative advocate Kirk Vartan has repeatedly called out Becker’s lack of ethics.

Becker, ironically, led the effort to remove a Parks and Recreation Commissioner who he didn’t like. Becker and his Council colleagues provided zero reason for not reappointing the volunteer.

For this story, Becker did not answer repeated requests for comment from Santa Clara News Online.


  1. Reply to “Emotions Running Wild”:

    Your first two words “immature statement” is without support. Which statement? A commenter’s statement? Using the term “immature” to apply to a poster or a commenter, well, is immature. Sounds like a 3rd grader reflexively responding to another 3rd grader. Us Santa Clarans are better than that.

    I concur with your statement that “waiving the right for a speedy trial is standard practice.” Yet you apply that statement to Santa Clara peace officers who serve the city “at-large”—every district. Interestingly, your statement limits a Santa Claran’s First Amendment rights to ONLY a specific district, such as district 6.

    Santa Clara police serves us all as a city as a whole; yet Becker serves ONLY district 6. Arguments for district voting, which are understandable, enable citizens of geographic region to receive fair representation. Especially, with under-represented citizens. BUT Becker represents the most wealthy, and the most homogeneous demographic in Santa Clara. So, perhaps citizens of district 6 has more “season tickets” and are more politically connected or sympathetic with Jed York.

    The downside of district voting is that it allows a wolf to separate the districted sheep. Chicago changed from 6 wards (or districts) to 50 wards (or districts) around 1923 when Al Capone rose to power, just like Jed York, because it allowed Capone to more easily bribe politicians…. and police officers… for each district.

    THIS is why our Police Chief CAN NOT be appointed… Jed “Al Capone” York cannot be allowed to decimate our beloved Santa Clara.

    Perhaps, the citizens of district 6 ought to be punished for purposefully voting into city council a person who admitted to making false statement. Perhaps, districts 1-5 ought to demand citizens of district 6 pay increased taxes and/or receive less city services. Or, perhaps, any district that votes into city council an admitted criminal, then that nefarious district ought to limited to “at-large” voting to include votes from other districts, like districts 1-5, to prevent subjugation to political or criminal propensities, or to anti-Santa Clara positions. This might have kept Chicago from falling into the hands of Al “Jed York” Capone.

    • Jo, I thought I had clicked the reply button under Silas’s comment. That previous comment was directed at his/her posting.

      Your reply to the police comment doesn’t make sense. Comparing that with district voting appears you didn’t really have an argument, rather just desperately trying to stretch for something. And punishing Distric 6 Voters? It’s unfortunate your entire comment doesn’t contribute to the conversation, rather that of a pissant looking to jab barbs at District Voting, Jed York/49ers, the concept of an appointed police chief, and other commentors.

    • Ms. Warren

      Again you demonstrate that you are prettty smart and write well.
      Anthony Becker is the worst council member in a 160+ years of Santa Clara.


      Number one, he worked to throw Burt Field off Parks and Rec and refused to say why.

      I dont know you but let us assume you knew a lot about music and painting.

      So somehow you got on Cultural Adviisory.

      Now let us assume i was a council member. And you didnt like me. Wrote letters, emails, etc

      Came time to reappoint you.

      I would do so, vote yes.

      Why? Because YOU ARE QUALIFIED!!

      i chaired county commission meetings where kirk vartan spoke. I treated him with respect

      I disagree with about 90% with what kirk

      I still was polite to him


      Because it is the rule

      God love you

    • Immature statement. Waiving the right for a speedy trial is standard practice that allows for the accused to not only seek appropriate representation but for his/her council to thoroughly research, advise, and represent their client. Every Santa Clara cop who has been accused of crimes in recent years has done the exact same. Unless you’re a District 6 constituent you should not be calling for Becker to resign, he is allowed his day in court.

  2. Becker can’t find an attorney cause he has no money. He has no friends. They will all be termed out in 2024 and Becker will go to jail.

    Stop wasting the court’s time, Becker. Get the trial over with. Rip the bandage off now. And resign too. Your 15 minutes is up – FOREVER!

    • Silas,

      Karen Hardy will be termed out when her current term ends in 2026. The same is true of Raj Chahal.

      Kevin Park was first elected in 2020 and if he wins reelection then he would not be termed out until after 2028. The same is true of Suds Jain.

      So none of Becker’s allies are termed out in 2024 but Park and Jain potentially could lose race for reelection.

    • To Emotions and Buscher:

      My words were tongue in cheek.

      Gees. No one has a sense of humor anymore.

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