Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce Holding Major Event in Milpitas not Santa Clara

By Robert Haugh

The Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce was once called the “Santa Clara” Chamber of Commerce before they decided to change it years ago in a rebranding effort that never took off.

They still have their offices in Santa Clara. 

And most of the businesses supporting the Chamber are in Santa Clara.

So it makes sense that they would hold a major event in — Milpitas.

Yup. That’s where the Chamber is having an 11-hour Diwali Festival and Desi Dance Party.

According to multiple sources, it was the idea of new Chamber CEO Harbir Bhatia.

(The press release announcing her hiring is still the frontrunner for Worst Press Release of the Year.)

Sources also tell Santa Clara News Online that Bhatia has not coordinated with the Milpitas Chamber of Commerce on the event.

So event attendees will be spending money in Milpitas instead of Santa Clara. Sounds like a great event for a Santa Clara organization.


  1. Being that Milpitas is part of the SV you are splitting straws to show alliance. Again. When the entire region does well everyone can benefit. Get past yourself and look at the larger picture.

    • Milpitas has its own COC.
      Why weren’t they involved?
      This is Bhatia’s agenda.
      Redeeming herself.
      Everyone knows she’s anti-India.

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