We’re Fighting to Protect Santa Clara — Sign Our Petition to Keep Electing a Police Chief and City Clerk

By Burt Field

Hi Santa Clara Neighbor:

On Tuesday [tonight], the Santa Clara Charter Review Committee will present data to the City Council that has been manipulated by individuals and bots. 

It says that 93-94 percent of residents support their recommendation to get rid of the elected Police Chief and City Clerk. 

Does that seem ridiculous to you?

The Committee wants to change the City Charter and take away the rights of voters to elect these two important positions and give the authority to the City Manager.

To justify their position they are using a survey that City staff says had “multiple responses from individuals or bots,”  according to an investigative report on Santa Clara News Online.

We think this is wrong. 

So we ask you to take our 3-question survey to communicate your opinion to City leaders.

Editor’s note: This was originally published by Stand Up For Santa Clara on November 5, 2023.


  1. GB, who would have thought loser becker would be elected council and almost elected mayor. Money talks, so don’t assume it is a slam dunk that it will be defeated. We haven’t seen the lies that jed york will spread with his glossy fliers.

  2. Hey dum dum, still no name, eh? The famous, unnamed ex-police chief.
    And if jed york picks the police chief how much choice do we have?? It’s not like there haven’t been some spirited and close elections for chief. In fact the current chief lost a very close election just recently. Don’t hold the mirror so closely when calling names.

  3. I recall a former Santa Clara police chief wrote a letter supporting a change to appointed police chief. One of the people who spoke to the CRC in person is currently the head of the local fraternal order of police officers association who spoke in support of appointed police chief, and then there was the retired police chief from Mountain View, who also spoke to the CRC and answered questions in support of an appointed police chief. I don’t believe the CRC will reference the city’s community survey since it was done so badly. What do you guys have against an appointed police chief? seems like a bunch of you are just hyper emotional about council topics and use this as a means to spout your dislike for other people. It’s very unhealthy and this petition won’t go anywhere.

    • You must not be very bright RJ, probably one of those low IQ types that is better off letting the dysfunctional city council decide for you who should be police chief and city clerk. But I am not, it enrages me that we pay for a special election that would take away power from the residents and give it to the city government. CRC, what a hand picked f’n joke. Keep drinking the Koolaid.

    • RJ, instead of talking in generalities, WHAT former SC police chief supports appointed by city mgr???? The ones I have talked to don’t. And who cars about outsiders, so why bring them up? Did the CRC invite former chiefs that support elected? How about a sheriff to speak, since they are elected?

    • @LowIQ-Tommy: with only one candidate on a ballot for police chief, there is nothing to choose from.
      @mrhmyers: if you were paying attention to the CRC process you would have seen the former city of Santa Clara police chief’s comments.

    • Was the former police chief that caused the city to spend 8000 dollars to investigate a 24 dollar meal receipt?? Did this same chief have a parking problem at a local restaurant??? Hmm, some cities with appointed chiefs like Oakland have had 500% increase in crime. Does anyone shop in San Francisco?

  4. Keep fightin for SC Burt.
    You should run for the
    Indicted Becker’s seat.
    You are definitely more
    qualified! And rep your

  5. Maybe the easiest petition I ever had to sign.
    So what are we going to do with all our time once we get our City Council back?
    I have a great idea…. how about starting to work on making Santa Clara the best City it can be, and stop wasting our time with all this other “Stuff”.
    At Best…. it is just costing us a lot of time and effort. And remember that is at Best!!
    Just try for a second to imagine a world where we can again focus on the Residents…. Oh to Dream….
    Register to vote.
    If you have already registered to vote, talk to others to do the same.
    It’s really the best path back is to just get our Santa Clara City Council back.
    Thanks Burt Field

  6. This has no chance to pass at ballot. It is a waste of time and money.

    It will be interesting to see the level of self-deception the Council shows tonight if they take this recommendation from the CRC.

    It was clear the CRC had their mind made up going in to the process. The Council should reject (even though this is personal to them and they REALLY want to get back at Pat).

    Don’t take it out on the citizens and the Office of the Chief.

    • 5-2 was vote by CRC recommending appointment of chief and 6-1 for appointment of clerk. Not all members were convinced.

  7. Since i am not a resident, i will refrain from signing to give authenticity to survey. I do support electing chief and clerk.

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