AWARDS: The City Hall Team and the 49ers

By Robert Haugh

The Good — The Leg Drop Award:

The Santa Clara City Council and Staff get a “team leg drop award” for terminating the 49ers’ management contract for non-NFL events. They also voted to authorize legal action against the team.

The press conference looked good yesterday. Here’s the video. There were labor leaders there talking about the 49ers’ alleged wage theft of workers.  

Most of the City Council members were there: Mayor Lisa Gillmor, Councilwomen Debi Davis, Teresa O’Neill and Kathy Watanabe. Karen Hardy was teaching but called in her support.

Vice Mayor Patty Mahan was absent. She’s the team’s biggest supporter. Councilman Raj Chahal was also absent. 

The Bad — The Jabroni Award:

The 49ers have initiated all the lawsuits between them and the City. They’ve allegedly  stolen wages from workers. They spent over $50 million last year for about a dozen major non-NFL events and a lot of small ones. And they made only $18,000 net profit! Wow.

Maybe someone should nominate them for this Yahoo Finance list

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  1. Chahal Absent! Understatement! At the council meeting Tuesday night he fought hard to keep the 49ers in control of contractual management agreements. Santana provided detailed information about wage theft, mismanagement of our non-NFL events, and yet Chahal was not understanding the gravity of the impact to his constituents. Please do not re-elect someone who does not “Represent (Chahal) the (for) Residents!”
    Clearly not keeping his campaign promise.

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