Breaking News Items: City Terminates 49ers Management Contract; POA Endorses Nikolai for Chief

By Robert Haugh

Yesterday, the City of Santa Clara sent a termination letter to the 49ers. The team was notified that in two months (November 15, 2019) they will no longer be able to manage non-NFL events.

As we reported yesterday, the City cited several reasons for axing the team. 

They’ve mismanaged the stadium and produced almost no net revenue recently. They reported only $18,000 in net revenue to the City. And they had over $50 million in revenue for non-NFL events! Wow. 

Next year, they project zero net revenue. Double wow. 

Many people think they are dumping NFL expenses into the non-NFL events. That would be the only way to explain how pathetic the 49ers’ numbers are. That would also be a crime, says a local attorney.

They’ve also violated state wage labor laws and won’t turn over documents. 

49ers exec Jim Mercurio has a conflict of interest and a possible self-dealing problem with stadium contracts. That’s a story we broke in April.  Now the California Fair Political Practices Commission is investigating Mercurio.

This is likely headed to court. That’s because the 49ers frequently sue the City.  But that might be good for the City. 

At a press conference yesterday, Mayor Lisa Gillmor said: 

“Rather than cooperate or follow the law, the 49ers like to fight in the court of public opinion. That’s what they do. We prefer the court of law because that’s where facts, documents, and laws matter. And if you look at our record, the public always wins.”

The press conference lasts about 30 minutes. Here’s a link to watch

POA Endorses Nikolai for Police Chief

On Tuesday, the members of the Santa Clara Police Officers Association voted to endorse Pat Nikolai for police chief over Dan Winter

It was no surprise because Nikolai is popular with the troops. He also got 49.9 percent of the vote in 2016 against the incumbent police chief, Mike Sellers.

The POA membership also authorized spending $250,000 next year on the police chief’s race. Wow. That’s a big chunk of dough from the sale of their POA headquarters.  Looks like they mean business.

Here are some tidbits we heard from multiple sources:

  • The vote was overwhelming for Nikolai. He had a detailed short term plan for the department and was inspiring. He got loud applause.

  • Nikolai was vague about long term department goals and plans. 

  • Winter couldn’t answer the question of why he wanted to be police chief. He told some bad jokes and got little applause.

  • Winter said he only wanted to be police chief for a short time. He plans to retire in November 2020, so he won’t run for re-election. Hmmm. Sounds like a pension spiking plan that we’ve seen before.

  • Speaking of Sellers, Winter distanced himself from his former boss. That’s a smart move because Sellers is unpopular with the troops.

Based on the POA endorsement and their money, we’ve updated the odds on this race:

  • Nikolai is now 1/5.

  • Winter is now 15/1.

Editor’s Note: Please gamble responsibly.


  1. Please do not believe the BS this guy writes. If you want to know the truth ask the assistant police chief. If you don’t want to know the truth keep reading this guy

    • Jean is right … about finding out the truth. (She’s wrong about you).

      Robert — could you get the video, recording, or the transcript of the meeting so we can find out what Winter said about Sellers?

      That would tell us quite a lot don’t you think?

  2. Chief Mike Sellers is a good man and does not deserve to be thrown under the bus, especially by someone who promoted him and helped him.

    This says a lot about Dan Winter’s character.

    • Sellers left Winter a lot of bag and baggage to handle. Sellers had a vote of no confidence and he thinks the guy that he has been priming to take over is going to just walk in? If you believe that, then you believe in Santa, Easter Bunny, etc. I feel badly for Winter and don’t blame him from distancing himself from Sellers. Just wish he had done it sooner.

  3. ——-if they want the charter to be changed, then we should put it on the ballot to let the voters decide on voting police chief to be appointed or elected. The same should have been done with City Clerk which was illegally done without approval in the charter or the vote of the people.

    We all knew who the POA would endorse, they also always endorse prematurely, i mean Mother Teresa could throw her hat in the race next month

    All joking aside, you want an appointment? vote to change the charter and while at it add city clerk in there too
    Let’s be fully transparent and not line item transparent

    —–as for the Management contracts, Sorry Jim Mercerio, your times up! if we had better leadership 10 years ago including those who are on council now maybe this would have never happened and we the people of Santa Clara could gott a better deal.

    The same current elected officials that are going after the stadium are the ones who actually brought the stadium here…. we need to remember this fact. This current situation is retaliation from the Rolling Stones criticism of the city and stadium management. I had predicted once i read that, i felt the city will now go nuclear.

    Our city signed the deal, the majority of the current council supported it, I even voted for it at the polls. But now when things go wrong, city leaders point the fingers to the 49ers. Niners may not be following the rules but Santa Clara officials signed off on current rules and ballot language. Our current Mayor gave her stamp of approval 10 years ago.
    Read THIS (

    It’s almost as if the plan of the current administration (minus 3 current councilmembers… 2 new council members and one that still supports it and was there as well for measure J) was to bring in a stadium to create a problem at taxpayers cost then years later switch sides and act as a hero against the billion dollar corporation the 49ers. This is definitions of Shills.

    —-Recently I was in Southern California for a conference for the city and other commissioners or planners around the state and bay all asked the same questions of the toxicity of Santa Clara most from Southern California cities laughed at Santa Clara’s actions and the 49ers.

    I have to say, I am embarrassed at the reputation my city is getting now being the joke of the bay and now probably the State. From the expensive CVRA lawsuit, the paper chase of public records compliance to the pricey Niners Stadium issues, many think we are the Titanic and taking on water fast. No wonder why no one wants to perform here.

    Is it possible to change our image after all the damage in 10 years. This will be a spot on the history of Santa Clara, 10 years of turmoil, (2009-2019) and it ain’t over yet folks, remember its a 40 year marriage, 30 more to go?

    I predict the Niners will get a San Francisco based stadium in up to 10 years and then ole Santa Clara will be on the hook for a stadium that has no tenants. At that time the papers would read, ”
    Niners and Santa Clara divorce, Niners go back to SF”.

  4. Nikolai is in the same retirement path. Santa Clara needs a 4 year commitment from anyone running. Remember their pers benefits run their lives.

    This should be an appointed position. When retiring early, the chief position should also be appointed, not a special election costing the residents a bunch of money so the chief can Spike their retirement benefits. What a sham to the public.

    I vote for the City Manager to appoint like the rest of the state.

    • Hey, Chief! A lotta’ folks would like to appoint the police chief. You gotta’ change the charter. But no one – at least the good ol’ boys club – wants to change it. I wonder why???? Come on, Santa Clara! Let’s get like the rest of the State!!

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