Before Firing City Attorney Brian Doyle “49er Five” Had Multiple Meetings with the Team and Some Other Interesting People, Too

By Robert Haugh

The August Council calendars were recently published. They show that the “49er Five” had multiple meetings in the weeks leading up to the termination of City Attorney Brian Doyle.

The 49ers pushed the people they got elected to get rid of Doyle.

Councilmen Suds Jain and Anthony Becker had three meetings with the 49ers:

  • August 2 (stadium operations, training camp, swag and Jerry Rice event and Levi’s signage);
  • August 15 (stadium operations, training camp fire violations, Levi’s signage, vaccinations, SBL collections, staffing needs for ticketed public events, procurement Director and public safety costs) and
  • August 25 (stadium operations, Amanino FMS, marketing plan, procurement manager, Levi’s signage, and FIFA).

Jain also had a phone meeting with 49ers executive Rahul Chandhok on August 30 regarding canceling an August 30 meeting and climate change. That’s interesting because that’s a topic Chandhok has never discussed before with any Council members.

Vice Mayor Raj Chahal had two meetings with the 49ers:

  • August 18 (stadium operations, Levi’s signage, staffing and budget)
  • August 25 (stadium operations, Levi’s signage, procurement manager, accounting package staffing)

Councilwoman Karen Hardy had one meeting with the 49ers on August 13, which included Chahal. But the meeting is missing from Chahal’s calendar. It’s not the first time the 49er Five have failed to report meetings with the team, a violation of a city ordinance.

Chahal’s Calendar is Missing August 13 Meeting with the 49ers

The Hardy (and Chahal) meeting was regarding stadium operations, signage replacement, training camp, catered events, requested reports not called out in management agreement and public safety costs.

Some Other interesting Meetings

Jain had a meeting with lobbyist Kevin Moore on August 23 regarding City politics, the 49ers and beautification. That’s interesting because Moore reports he has three development clients (Republic Metro, Kylli and Raj Arnmillo). But he’s not being officially paid by the 49ers to lobby for them. Residents have heard Moore complaining about Doyle recently.

Kevin Moore’s Lobbyist registration form, July 2021

Jain also recorded an August 31 meeting with former Councilman Pat Kolstad regarding a closed session meeting. Wow. He’s meeting with others on confidential items. This must have been regarding the closed session on September 1 where Jain was one of the five votes to fire Doyle. This will likely raise questions for Doyle and his attorney.

Councilman Kevin Park, Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe had no meetings with the 49ers. Park was reportedly in Korea most of the month.

The “49er Five“


  1. SUDS IS A POS and an embarrassment not only to district 5 but to the entire city. Every statement in Suds comment here is a lie, just confirming what a dishonest POS we all know he is. Did anyone else see his letter to the editor in the weakly? Full of immature comments, name calling and false accusations. How embarrassing to have a council member acting like a fool blogging and name calling like he’s a teenage internet bully. Suds has a problem with Robert because he keeps us updated on all Suds lies, his ManCo ***sucking and creepy secrets. I could go on for days about Suds lacking Character, Morals, Personality, Respect, Honesty, Transparency…….

    • For a real thrill read the public requests posted on city website.
      Read what a real piece of 💩 Suds and the 49er gang are..
      Becker and Suds have a text exchange where Suds says in
      Response to a post about staff, “F them all.”
      Certainly explains Suds disrespect to staff at council
      Meetings. Wish staff could tell him to do the same.

  2. Wow, crackerjack investigative “reporter” Robert Haugh has just broken the story that I meet weekly with the 49ers.Pulitzer coming. Interesting that he was recruited by Lisa Gillmor and Teresa O’Neill to start his blog after being fired by the Santa Clara Weekly and there is NEVER any negative stories about Lisa Gillmor.

    • No Suds, you just don’t get it. It’s not that you meet with the 49ers regularly, it’s that you and the other four meet behind closed doors, scheme and plan with the 49ers on major issues that are detrimental to the city and then you actually carry them out on council. i.e. the 49ers tell you they want the City Attorney gone, poof, you fire him for no cause and that’s just one. You and the others have a big debt to repay Jed York. Speaking about debt, who actually repaid you the $20.000 loan you gave your last campaign, nobody really believes that you actually donated 20k or your own money.

      As far as negative stories about Lisa Gillmor, maybe Haugh can’t find any to write. It seems that she keeps quite busy representing the City openly and honestly with the best interests of the public foremost. Unlike you who has chosen to be untruthful with the residents of district 5 and city wide.

    • Hey Sudsy, weren’t you told to not respond to Robert’s blog? You can’t help yourself can you? You need to listen, Sudsy because you get yourself deeper and deeper in $h*t every time you open up your chatterbox mouth!

    • I want to respond to Suds who looks like he’s trying to defame me.  First, I was not fired from the Weekly. I can prove it with a case from the CA Employment Development Department that was settled in 2016. 

      Also, I started this site because I love my City. I noticed in 2016 when I started writing that the 49ers ran the Council with Mayor Jamie Matthews in charge. There were a lot of questionable things happening. The Weekly gets major ad dollars from the team. So their reporting was biased. So I felt I had to write. I’ve never taken a penny from anyone for my work. It’s a labor of love. 

      I met with Lisa and Teresa back then and they encouraged me. So did a lot of other people who felt another voice was needed. It’s even more needed today as the team is clearly running things at City Hall working through Suds and others on the Council.

      For the record, I raised money through GoFundMe to defend myself against a Weekly lawsuit in 2017. I limited the donation amount so I wouldn’t be accused of being bought by anyone.  I got a lot of small contributions. That helped me eventually beat the lawsuit in 2018.

      I’ll write more about this soon. 

    • Mayor Gillmor has proven herself to be a public servant for the people.
      Jain has shown himself to be nothing more than sucking off the teat of
      Jed York and his Gang (what an image that is!). Hah! Hah!

      With York’s help, Jain continually shows himself to be a misogynist who
      loves to put women in authority down and works with people who help
      him in this endeavor. His obsession with Mayor Gillmor knows no
      bounds and is creepy beyond words.

      Jain, its okay for women to be in control. Women all over are showing
      they make better decisions than us men. Yes, I am a man and I will
      listen to a woman’s opinion over a man any day of the week.

      Just leave your ego at the door, my friend. It’s okay to let go….

  3. Is anyone really a friend of Suds? Or is he just an acquaintance that you’re watching sell out this city of Santa Clara to billionaire Jed York. Suds seems to be selling out his friend’s, neighborhood, and city for his own personal gain.

    Ultimately we can denounce Suds although at some point he will be accountable. I don’t really believe said cares for this constituents in district 5 thing. We’re all just a tool for him.

  4. And how many of them had their required Monday meeting with Chandick? Get ready for another 💩 show tonight folks! It’s getting deeper each week! 🤣

  5. Why go to DC? We have our own swamp right here. How disgusting this is getting, the more we know. Thanks for at least shedding light on it, Robert, even if we can’t drain the swamp right now.

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