Santa Clara Councilman Suds Jain Met with 49er Executives Before Youth Soccer Park Proposal But Did Not Meet with Youth Soccer Community

By Robert Haugh

Last week, Santa Clara Councilman Suds Jain proposed letting the 49ers use the Youth Soccer Park for game day parking for the team’s VIPs.

Yesterday, Burt Field, a co-founder of Stand Up for Santa Clara and the official scheduler for the city’s youth soccer leagues, blasted Jain. Field contends that Jain is scheming with the 49ers.

The youth soccer community successfully fought an attempt by the 49ers to take over the Youth Soccer Park in 2015.  

Field and many other community leaders believe the team is making another attempt to do it again.  This time they have the initial support of the 49er Five. Those are Councilmembers who the team helped get elected and are friendly to them.

Field criticizes Jain for not meeting with the youth soccer community. That’s why Jain didn’t seem to know the obvious. The league doesn’t schedule games on national holiday weekends. One reader from Jain’s council district called it a “bone head move.” 

Jain made his proposal after meeting with multiple 49er executives at the January 2nd game at Levi’s Stadium. 

In an official memo that Jain submitted to the City Council, he admits to meeting with members of the team’s front office for a stadium tour before the 49ers-Texans game. Those individuals are:

  • Rahul Chandhok, Vice President (VP) of Public Affairs and Strategic Communications
  • Jas Sajjan, Senior Manager of Public Affairs & Strategic Communications
  • Larry MacNeil, Compliance Manager
  • Emily Matthews, Manager of Communications and Public Affairs
  • Moon Javaid, Chief Strategy Officer
  • Jim Mercurio, Stadium Manager

Looks like none of them told Jain that youth soccer games are not scheduled on holiday weekends.

49ers exec and Levi’s Stadium manager Jim Mercurio.


  1. Annekathrin, this has nothing to do with the mayor and everything to do with the “49er Five” as they’re now called. Everything on the contract that the 49ers signed (NOT in good faith as we now know) has been brought up for revision or revocation by these five irresponsible council people who have no apparent interest in our city or our residents. I’m constantly appalled by their subservience to the 49ers; nothing the 49ers demand them to do is too low or too despicable for these five charlatans, who so poorly masquerade as “public servants”. The only ones they serve are themselves and the 49ers. God help our city – the next election may be too late to undo the damage these greedy, unscrupulous con artists have already done.

  2. Dumb like a fox Sains is. Just like how he got onto the Counsil in the first place but could not vote about voting on improvements to Downtown Santa Clara, he could not vote because it was a conflict of interest because his wife works at SC University. He just plays dumb and doesn’t talk to Soccer field committee because he doesn’t want to hear what they have to say. He wants something from the 49ers.

  3. Because you don’t like the mayor doesn’t mean you should allow Suds to sell our city to the 49ers. Suds is not trying to get the soccer park back, or concerned about the noise and the awful traffic around the stadium, ask them not to continually sue us and to pay the money that they owe us, he’s doing the bidding for Baby Jed. He says he’s for climate change but I believe he’s just a w**re.

  4. Please stop writing this nonsense. I know of at least one council member who did not receive any monetary support from the 49ers to get elected into office. These 5 are doing damage control to a contract that our mayor co-signed before they started to run for office. Rather than putting out fake news, I ask you to please stop the mayor‘s bidding. Only because she does not get her way, does not mean she these kind of stories should be put out on social media, especially since they are not true. It tells a lot about her as a political candidate, and that opinion of her that I have right now is not a good one. It shows bad sportsmanship (pun intended).

    • Doesn’t need to be money exchanged. Quid pro quo, Baby! You watch!! Bad sportsmanship?? Suds couldn’t show decency and talk to soccer family who this parking lot was built for. He punted that conversation to Meecurio and team! Pun intended! $$🏈🏈$$❤️🏈

  5. It’s almost as if each of the 5 were given one assignment, in exchange for 49er support. It will spread out the political heat and make it look as if there is a united Council on all 5 issues. This is an old political tactic mainly seen in Congress.

  6. Suds doesn’t care about his constituents and neighbors. He takes directions from the 49ers executive staff.

    Suds Jains’ debt to Jed York is killing us.

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