Best and Worst of the Week in Santa Clara: Free Concerts and Fish Market Closes

By Robert Haugh

The Good — The Leg Drop Award:

Last Friday, the Santa Clara Cultural Commission’s free concerts kicked off at Live Oak Park featuring The Hitmen. The attendance was higher than expected. And people had lots of fun, too.

Today, the band Arena will provide musical entertainment for listening and dancing at the Central Park Pavilion starting at 6:30 p.m.

The Bad — The Jabroni Award:

After 43 years, The Fish Market on El Camino Real closes its doors. And the big red fish sign will come down, too.

The management cited an uncertain economy and labor shortages as major factors in the decision to close.

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  1. Another one bites the dust, not a whole lot food diversity anymore in Santa Clara. How much longer will Stan’s survive? I’m sure a developer has their eyes on that shopping center.

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