Santa Clara City Council Meeting Cancelled, City Still Has No Interim City Manager for Major Emergencies

By Robert Haugh

Today, the Santa Clara City Council was supposed to meet in closed session to appoint an interim City Manager.

But that meeting has been canceled at the last minute.  

Former Acting City Manager Rajeev Batra resigned at the end of January. And an interim City Manager is legally required.

But as of today, the Mission City still doesn’t have someone in charge in case of emergencies. Wow.


  1. All things considered we might do better w/o a city council as well. No offense intended towards those on the council that are still loyal to SC and not a ball team.

  2. The 5 probably weren’t clear on the orders from Jed.

    Musta’ been using playing Broken Telephone! Bad communication. 😂😂

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