Predictions for Election Day: Measure A, Ellenberg, Oliverio (and Bucky the Bronco?) Win — Persky Recalled and Smith Forced into Runoff

By Robert “the Greek” Haugh

Measure A — Santa Clara

We haven’t seen much information about this measure. There have been few lawn signs and just one piece of mail.  Voters will probably rely on the ballot arguments. The opponents made a big mistake when they had mostly non-Santa Clarans sign the No on A ballot argument, including some people suing the city. But maybe they didn’t have many good choices.

So, our prediction is that Measure A wins. Mission City voters will figure out that the measure was written by Santa Clarans for Santa Clarans.

County Supervisor, District 4 — Primary

In our last ranking,  we had Susan Ellenberg, San Jose Unified School District Board of Education President and Pierluigi Oliverio,  former San Jose Councilman as the top two. We’ll stick to that as our prediction for the two who make the runoff.

Ellenberg has run a smart campaign, especially by lining up women leaders early.

Oliverio has run a smart campaign, too. He got hit by Labor for a sexual harassment complaint. But his response has been good and a lot of people, including women, have come to his defense.

San Jose Councilman Don Rocha may make it into the runoff. But we think he may have made a mistake by campaigning late and spending his money in the last month.

Former Campbell Mayor Jason Baker never seemed to get traction with fundraising or endorsements.

Disgraced Former Santa Clara City Councilman Dominic Caserta dropped out of the race on May 15. It’ll be interesting to see how many people vote for him since he’s still on the ballot.

In a humorous predictions column in January, we thought Caserta would finish 6th.

Councilman Dominic Caserta proves Santa Clara News Online wrong. In our last ranking before the primary, we have him finishing 5th in the Santa Clara County Supervisor race. He actually finishes 6th, behind write-in votes for Bucky the Bronco, Santa Clara University’s mascot.

We may be right. To the best of our knowledge, Bucky has not been accused of harassing other farm animals.

Other Predictions

  • Judge Aaron Persky gets recalled.
  • Sheriff Laurie Smith is forced into a runoff with former Undersheriff John Hirokawa.
  • The Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce PAC will shoot itself in the foot.
  • Santa Clara Weekly Publisher and Development Lobbyist Miles Barber will blame Mayor Lisa Gillmor for something.




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