It’s Official — Hosam Haggag is Santa Clara’s New City Clerk

By Robert Haugh

In a come from behind victory that would make Hulk Hogan proud, Hosam Haggag will be our newest City Clerk.

On election night, Haggag started behind Bob O’Keefe by 449 votes or 4.73 percent. After all the absentee ballots and later votes were counted, Haggag won by 421 votes or 1.29 percent. That’s close. But it’s outside the margin (.25 percent) that requires an automatic recount.

Haggag is the first Muslim-American elected in Santa Clara history! Congratulations to him and his family.

And congratulations to Santa Clara for electing a “minority” candidate to a city-wide seat. Haggag was a top-quality candidate that didn’t need a district election to win. He had great credentials and worked hard on his campaign. In addition to brochures, he walked precincts and did a lot on social media. He did a good job with fundraising and had excellent endorsements like Mayor Lisa Gillmor and the Santa Clara Police Officers Association and Santa Clara Firefighters Local 1171.

Here’s what Haggag wrote on Facebook a couple days ago:

I am so so SO humbled by all of this – it’s just so surreal. Never did I imagine even 5 years ago that I’d be politically active let alone win an election. Out of a field of 6 highly qualified candidates, over 1/4 or 25.02% of Santa Clarans entrusted me with their most precious endorsement possible – their vote.

I am thankful to God for everything that I’ve been blessed with.
I am thankful to my family, especially my amazing wife Fatima Dawood, for all their support.
I am thankful to all my friends and supporters who helped encourage me and push us to victory.

The work has just begun… I don’t take this as a right, but I take it as a heavy burden and responsibility to represent each and every one of YOU – whether you voted for me or not, I am YOUR City Clerk and it is my obligation and duty to represent and serve YOU.

But I cannot do this alone. I will need all of your guidance, advice, ideas and certainly request each of you to keep me in check. It’s time we all roll up our sleeves and work TOGETHER to make our City a better place for ALL.

God bless you all. Here we go – let’s do this.


  1. Congratulations Hosam! But I’d like to point out something important that you didn’t elaborate on Robert
    (because I feel you knew it but it’s important to inform others that don’t follow the city on a daily basis).

    Irrespective of how Hosam campaigned, I find that all that he did proactively to help livestream various meetings and have the courage to speak his truth is what was most important. His attention to detail and a very high expectation of excellence, strong work ethic and the highest level of professionalism too.

    Hosam did ALL of these livestreaming session (etc) simply to inform Santa Clarans and valley residents and workers in Santa Clara and the valley what was going on in Santa Clara. (Kirk Vartan is doing complementary work and Santa Clara and the valley are better off because of it)

    The fact that Hosam is a “minority” is good, but that’s more like frosting on a cake! He earned it on his merits.

    What’s important too is that Hosam has had to experience what it’s like to work with the city on a remodel and has an infinite amount of skills, energy, holistic viewpoints, inclusion, integrity and compassion/empathy.

    Thanks for your continued excellent reporting Robert! You’re helping make Santa Clara better too!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. I am so happy to hear this great news. Hosam, It is so good to know that we are in good hands. I know that you have the qualifications to do the job. I can’t wait to hug you ( just kidding ).

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