A Tale of Two Stories: Santa Clara Weekly and San Jose Inside

By Robert Haugh

Some readers noticed that the Santa Clara News Online April Fools’ story was based almost word for word on a press release that came out last month.

The press release was put out on March 26, 2019, on something called ACCESSWIRE. That’s where you can pay to have your “news” put online.  Yup. You can do that. For a fee, ACCESSWIRE will print anything — no questions asked.  

Disgraced former City Councilman Dominic Caserta paid for this release:


Dominic J. Caserta, Former City Council Member, Scores The Highest Possible on Polygraph Test

Caserta wants people to believe that he is completely innocent of sexual harassment and sexual assault charges against him. Last time we checked, there were 15. Wow. They are mostly from his female students at Santa Clara High School.

But not everyone was fooled. SanJoseInside.com did some real reporting.  Here’s their story:

Accused Sexual Harasser Touts Polygraph as Proof of Innocence

SanJoseInside.com reported some real facts, like:

Caserta’s latest gambit involves a polygraph test, which—in a press release prepared by temporarily disbarred attorney John Mlnarik and making the rounds on a national wire—he crows about passing with flying colors.

All we can infer from the polygraph, really, is that Caserta voluntarily answered questions he prepared for while maintaining a steady pulse and even breathing.

Contrast SanJoseInside.com’s real reporting with the Santa Clara Weekly/SVVoice. Here’s the Weekly’s story:

Dominic Caserta, Former Santa Clara City Council Member, Takes Polygraph Regarding Sexual Misconduct Allegations

They reprinted the press release word for word. Yup. No kidding. Word for word. Wow.

They also don’t tell their readers that the Mlnarik Law Firm is a regular advertiser. That’s weak journalistic ethics.

You can compare the three stories. Our April Fools’ story is almost identical to the Weekly’s real news story. What does that tell you?


  1. Mr. Caserta has done terrible things. It’s worse that he’s trying to cover up. Shame on the Weekly for helping him cover up.

  2. Wow! You cannot make this sh8 up. It’s all out there in B&W. Wonder how much money he has left to buy his innocence?

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