City Terminates 49ers NFL Game Management Agreement After Discovering 49ers Exec Al Guido Had Financial Conflicts

By Robert Haugh

We broke a big story yesterday that the City terminated the 49ers contract for managing the stadium for NFL games. 

But we didn’t know why. Thanks to a Mercury News story by Thy Vo, now we do.

Vo got a good interview with City Attorney Brian Doyle. Here’s what she said in her story

In a Feb. 10 court declaration, Doyle accused Al Guido, president of the 49ers Stadium Management Company, of conflicts of interest in approving a sponsorship agreement for a college football event at Levi’s, the Redbox Bowl.


We knew that another 49ers executive, Jim Mercurio, had a conflict of interest with stadium vendor, VenueNext. In fact, we broke the story that led to the Mercurio investigation and his effort to clean up his violation by selling stock or returning money.

We also reported that 49ers owner Jed York may have a conflict with VenueNext, too.

According to a source close to the 49ers, Guido also had some financial interests in VenueNext.

But we didn’t know about Guido and the Redbox Bowl.

We’ll have to ask around to see how many other people and vendors and doing deals with 49ers owners and execs that may be illegal.

This is a developing story.  A big one.


  1. Sad but true, I did vote for the Stadium…. now I get 35 more years to live with that decision. What should have been a true Win / Win for the City of Santa Clara and the San Francisco 49ers , has instead just been one hot mess after another. No business in Santa Clara now has earned such a bad reputation in dealing with the City as this one company.
    By the way, I really loved Kathy Wantanabe’s reference to my favorite movie of all time, “It’s a Wonderful Life” If we do not protect our local interest, in no time at all this will be Yorkville (Pottersville). Don’t think for a second that the 49ers give one thought to what we want or need. Crazy but It’s been that way since Day 2. When did Day 1 end? Simple, once the stadium was built and they no longer felt like they needed anything more from the residents.

    So SHAME, SHAME SHAME… not on the 49ers, but on me for believing their lies in the first place. All I had to do was travel 45 miles to the North to ask the City of San Francisco how this company was to deal with.

    Just (3) questions could have saved me from having the rest of my life admitting to everyone that I voted “Yes” for the stadium.

    1. Are these honest people to deal with?
    2. Does this business have the City’s best interest at heart?
    3. If you had to do it over again would you do business with them again?

    There will be a lot of chatter from folks outside of our City, we really don’t need to care or listen. This is our City and we will need to continue the fight. We may not be Bedford Falls (Mythical town in the movie it’s a Wonderful Life), but I am confident that the Santa Clara residents I know and love will continue the fight for as long as it takes.

  2. Any way you can ditch these loosers. The stealing and lose of revenue to the city is criminal. The taxpayers deserve better.

  3. Nice to see the corruption is being uncovered. Might help explain why and how the city has been getting the short end of the stick. Do we wonder why the 49ers want to defeat Measure C? It is because they see it will et in the way of their buying more influence. (Yapp, nice to see Trump is living in your mind rent free, as they say.)

    • Look. Mrhmyers. Don’t confligate Measure C with the jerks the 49ers are. I especially know the latter having acted as counsel to stadium opponents.
      The 49ers intervening on Measure C is just the same ol same ol tit for tat. They could care less about the merits.
      As to those merits, study for yourself and see posts in this blog. Measure C is all about excluding minorities from being elected to city council. Vote no on C. It’s is a horrible measure and Santa Clarans will pay mightily if it passes.
      We stadium opponents told you that the stadium was stupid, now you know. Now, it’s equally clear measure C is not just stupid, if it passes, you will pay big time.
      Vote no on C.

  4. I guess no one handed out the memo, “Corruption is the new normal” at least when you can pay off the right people like Trump.

    • Yep. And Trump voters love Measure C! Keeps minorities off the City Council. Just how they roll.
      Vote NO on C.

    • J Byron Fleck please do not pigeon hole every one. I support Trump on many things but, not all. He certainly is disappointing in many aspects. However I believe measure C is absolutely wrong. In fact this whole $4 million dollar trip down potter’s road wasting taxpayers money. We need to change our Council.

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