BREAKING: Recall Effort Launched Against Anthony Becker, Suds Jain and Kevin Park for “Potential Corruption and Wrongdoing”

By Robert Haugh

Today, at Santa Clara City Hall approximately 40 residents gathered to form a committee to recall Councilmembers Anthony Becker, Suds Jain and Kevin Park.

Committee member Teresa O’Neill said that Santa Clarans “are fighting back against potential corruption and wrongdoing with this recall project.”

Recall organizer Burt Field said the committee is targeting a special election in 2023.

Becker, Jain and Park are up for reelection in 2024.  

Here’s a YouTube link to a video of the event.

According to O’Neill, the recent Civil Grand Jury report will be the basis of the “Notice of Intention.” That’s the document that will be officially presented to Becker, Jain and Park as the reasons they’re being recalled.

O’Neill outlined the key findings the recall committee will use:

  • Findings 1a, 1b, 1c: Potential Violations of Public Meeting Laws
  • Findings 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d: Potential Misappropriation of Public Funds
  • Finding 5: Potential Violation of City’s Ordinance Prohibiting Lobbyist Gifts
  • Finding 8a: Termination of City Staff That Are Potential Coverup of Conflicts 

O’Neill said residents should go to, a site put up by the Santa Clara Police Officers Association to learn more about the findings and to download the full report.

The other Councilmembers accused of wrongdoing by the Civil Grand Jury are Raj Chahal and Karen Hardy. They are up for reelection this November so they’re not targets of the recall.

The recall committee has a site for residents to sign up:


  1. The URL was acquired by the SCPOA on Friday October 7, 2022. There are two dates with activities that should be considered suspicious…

    On Wednesday Oct 5: 49ers settlement agreement with the City of Santa Clara is posted on the City’s web site and unofficial Civil Grand Jury report is illegally leaked online.

    On Friday Oct 7: The City of Santa Clara and Patrick Nikolai petition the Federal Court to move settlement conference of “systemic racism” case brought by retired police sergeant, Jacob Malae, to mid-November and the Santa Clara POA acquires a URL promote the controversial Grand Jury Report.

    The City reached settlement terms with Malae and the 49ers On Aug 18 and 31, respectively. Malae’s “systemic racism” settlement with the City and Nikolai was originally scheduled to be closed by today, October 14, at the latest, and would have been made publicly available. Appears the SCPOA, Nikolai, and Gillmor are doing more than just promoting the Grand Jury Report.

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